Visiting our little frog country

4 April 2007

Hello, folks,

Be back in our little country because my girlfriend is getting married … and of course I have to be there. My heart was broken when I had to leave my children behind, hopefully I will be back soon….Want Africa is my country. From my plane window I saw our mini water country without mountains, elephants, tigers, snakes, singing niggers, boiled/grilled banana and malaria coming closer. In the morning it was still weird in Uganda and in the evening I enjoyed the green tea on the couch with Mum and Dad.
I will stay at home for about three weeks and of course I want to see as many people as possible but I also have to earn some money because I am totally broke…. and Mother Teresa wants to save more children on the boda boda so I have to work just as hard….

I have been working very hard to get my baby (Babirye) to come with me to the Netherlands (suitcase was just too small, it was stuck between the zip and turned blue/purple, not such a good idea). I met a very sweet farmer (Salongo) who wanted to help me get a travel permit for that little one. He called me… “Come to Kampala because tomorrow we have an appointment with the Minister for Children…so I hoped to go to Kampala at the end of the afternoon with the child…The journey took about 5 hours (of course it was the slowest bus in Uganda) and I had acute thrombosis…. My legs were stuck between bags of potatoes and I know a lot of stuff…it took a while before the blood started flowing again through my body when I finally arrived around 9 o’clock in the backpackers where they all looked a bit weird from the combination duo penotti Mazoengoe with brown baby). Very quickly this was forgotten and a couple of English teenage girls were everywhere with her and I chatted and had a nice drink.

The next morning Salongo was already waiting for me at the pumping station….. arrived in kampala heavily poisoned of all exhaust fumes and filth and could use a shower again….Alla…we went to the minister, had an appointment at 10 o’clock…were just in time so we waited and waited and waited, to the reception (he is coming…we thought he was already there!), waiting, being irritated, of course the child got tired of waiting so wailing… and even more waiting finally (after 2 hours) we went upstairs and there was his secretary…very sweet person, warm welcome…she was chatting with her colleagues and it didn’t look like she knew at all what work was like. Tea, samoosaatje other colleague of course also came in to inform us how it goes…in short, a lot of fun. At half past 12 the computer turned on but she didn’t touch a keyboard. She could tell us that the minister was coming (yes, that is what they said 2 hours ago). After three hours of waiting (Babirye had crawled all over the ministry building) it turned out that she wouldn’t come to the office. Had to leave all the information and he was going to call some people….Salongo angry, I am disappointed….. is apparently just not the time yet.
Was a bit chaotic in Kampala there is a big forest in danger (mabira forest)…some rich acorn has bought a part of it and wants to destroy the forest to grow sugarcane…All Ugandans (except the president and all corrupt bastards) are angry, they were on strike…all the little animal shops are closing because the situation didn’t get any friendlier. Kim (who didn’t know anything and was walking around town with a brown baby) was looking for a stuffed and sweat-smelling taxi van until she heard some sort of shots…Eventually it turned out that some little animals had been killed and she saw everyone who was white for a wood-destroying mazooengoe so I was happy when I found safe in my stuffed to sweat-smelling taxi van….Safe arrived at school and happy to see everyone again.

Even more shocking news from our own school grounds….Juda is one of our cooks (he’s not 100%, I think he’s a bit autistic but a good heart) he didn’t think it was all that school there between the balls below the waist. He thought it was time to do something about it and he has circumcised himself…Well you better say cut. One of the teachers found him bleeding profusely in the latrine and therefore HOP to the hospital. There they stitched him up and so nowadays I have two boys (juda 30 years old and Saigetorreko 6 years old) walking around with a deformed dick…..
Our driver was mugged during the night in Masaka….Thieves had stopped 8 cars…used their guns to get everybody out and they all had to lie down on the ground. They stole all the money, phones and valuables from the people. The driver was in very bad shape (and he is such a sweet man), they had beaten him and hit him very hard. Eventually he got into the school truck and drove for 2 hours to Kampala (where he had to go).