Bivamuntuyo is a Community Based Organisation in Kabawanga, a village in Kyotera district in southern Uganda.
I founded the organisation in 2013 in collaboration with local community members. A farm was built on a piece of agricultural land.
The aim is to make a direct contribution to malnourished children and to share agrarian skills and knowledge about nutrition with community members for healthy well-being and prevention of malnutrition.

For the malnourished children, this is done in the
Kyotera Medical Centre in Kyotera, a separate department, the Nutrition Unit, was set up.
This was done under the umbrella of the Rakai Community Based Health Project, a district registered NGO (non-government organisation).

The unit provides specialised medical care to severely malnourished children and counsels and guides parents/caretakers during their child’s hospitalisation to prevent malnutrition in the future and improve the family’s well-being. We treat more than 150 patients per year, mostly children under the age of 5. Each patient receives medical care and starts the
rehabilitation phase with a milk-based diet in accordance with the nature of the malnutrition and the weight.

More information can be found on the website: