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–  A new short Bivamuntuyo promotion video.

BIVAMUNTUYO in 45 seconds


This time:
– Driving on the boda over a slippery mud road is not easy.
– The Jackfruit is the biggest fruit in the world. You shouldn’t stand under that when it falls down.
– At the market, the temporarily sheltered baby Sofie gets earrings.         

Vlog #177 – The largest tree fruit in the world


It’s a tough time. With working on the farm, in the hospital, in a childcare home and also caring for a found baby, fatigue sets in.    

Vlog #176 – I am a little bit broken


On the farm, the existing rainwater storage capacity will be significantly expanded.

Vlog #175 – Expanding our rainwater harvesting


A call from the local police. They are looking for a temporary shelter for a found baby. This brings back memories for Kim.

Vlog #174 – I am having a real flashback


Hanna has the chicken pox, which causes a lot of itching. To soothe it, pieces of tree bark are crushed. The resulting sap is smeared on the skin.

Vlog #173 – Hanna has the chicken pox

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Babirye, meanwhile, has already turned 18.

Vlog #172 – Babi turns 18


Babirye passed her secondary school exams and we are very happy and proud. She gave me the opportunity to be a mother and see her growing up into the caring and loving person she is today. Now it’s time to celebrate and to follow her future dreams…..


Cheerful flags for years of decorating! A beautiful, durable flag line made from colourful Ugandan fabrics.

At Bivamuntuyo we are always trying to support the youth and that’s why we started the “Happy Flags” project in collaboration with Agnes, our tailor, to be able to offer vocational training to young people.

It’s of high importance that young people are getting a chance to receive education and learn how to set up their own business. It will increase their future opportunities in life.

When buying the Happy Flags you contribute to the school fees of young people so that they can join a vocational course like hairdressing or tailoring and learn other skills like farming, financial management and life skills. By implementing these skills they can generate their own income and safeguard their livelihoods.

Happy you, Happy us! 

  • Happy Flags
  • Price: 15 Euro

  • The length of the flags is 10 meter, 40 flags