And back again in rainy Africa

29 May 2007

4 weeks later…….

So no time at all to write any more……sorry but of course we were running, running, flying again in our little frog country.

The wedding of my girlfriend Berber was really great and I certainly wouldn’t have wanted to miss it, I am very happy to have been back in the Netherlands for a while. Friend Han gave birth to the second, grandfather dijkshoorn 80 years old (hurray!) and once again enjoyed his Dutch sauerkraut with sausage. Definitely a good choice to be at home for a while and let everything sink in because you go on and on in Africa.

Tried to see everyone (which of course didn’t work out), did some work and tried to collect some more money for Uganda.

I would like to thank everyone for their enthusiasm, sweet tickets and all the reactions I get. Really without all your support I wouldn’t last that long here…..Super great!!!!.

Yes here I am again in rainy (yes yes…) Africa. Walked two days in a kind of sleepwalking intoxication at airports (last night we had a nice drink (till 3 o’clock at night) and I had to get out at 5 o’clock, so it was pretty broken) I got on the aeroplane with lovely doors as I had had all the time to test every little perfume….. and finally I arrived back in the great Uganda…… 4 hours in the bus and then I saw the kids again. It was a super reunion. Almost fell over of all the children who were hugging me and to top it all Sarah (about 80 kilo teacher) jumped companionli on my back…in short everybody was happy.
The little rascal (babirye…for the Dutch among us Claire) looked at me as if I came from planet Mars…had no interest at all in me and continued eating quietly. It took a while to swallow but now a few days further I’m mummy again and she starts laughing when she sees me.
With Frank, Saige and Pinto also everything was fine and of course my 60 naughty boys who haven’t changed a bit yet.
Very nice to see everyone again and of course you are back in your routine. Because there are three other volunteers I now sleep with my child in the boy’s dormitory (nice and cozy) and I like that very much. The volunteers are very nice and enthusiastic, it is very strange that Ryon is not there…was my buddy after all.
As usual the alarm goes off at 5 o’clock…Only I have been awake three times already because we are training a few children (Babirye too). So wake up at 1,3 and 5 o’clock (hope they haven’t pissed in their bed yet), and wait for a wee/pressure. Unfortunately I am regularly late and there is another huge wash waiting for me of very nice big bed sheets and a lot of wet trousers (and I hate washing so much!).
Standing in front of the class again, I have new inspiration and goals, in short, enough to do. The weather is generally lovely and I am in action….
Prima has been very ill (malaria) and will probably be able to return home today. It’s scary when such a little bum is so sick.
It’s actually just nice to come home. Have a good time again and the days fly by.
Of course I miss the hot shower, pizza at Stalles and the delicious wines but I will be back……. someday. Daddy Piet Vogel urged me to ‘just’ come back….. myself I think it all points to myself (is that a good sentence?)For now it’s just like old times again and I’m happy……till so far my adventures in Africa and probably many more will follow, so keep reading! Big kiss and lots of love for everyone

Madame Kimoe