At Bivamuntuyo it is mango and orange month!

Thursday 31 January 2019

January usually starts with good intentions for the New Year.
Healthier food, running 21 kilometres during this year’s Uganda marathon, accepting my body, making a trip to India, giving the staff a salary increase, buying a car, sending late Christmas letters, planning more enjoyable moments and some more of those resolutions you think should succeed and when you take stock at the end of the year it is always nice to be able to tick off as many resolutions as possible with a positive result…that feels good, that gives satisfaction.
Apologies when there is no time, no money and no sense of purpose are very recognizable, I think, but I still want to do my best this year to stick to my intentions, so far so good.
The year has started quite quietly, nice and cosy at home with the children who are still on holiday until the beginning of February. Veronica goes to the third class of high school, Roos and Betty goes to group 5, Noe goes to group 8, Saige works at the Bivamuntuyo farm, Frank is going to intern at several restaurants and hotels now that he has finished his catering course, Rosias is our electrician and Peter does all kinds of things.
So everyone is back under the roof, although we are still waiting for the final results of the state exams (cito test) of Babirye that were taken in November and of which the results were announced in mid-January. Unfortunately not for Babi’s class because the school is suspected of fraud or copying….We are back! We expect the results to come but so far little communication from the school and until then we can’t register her anywhere else. In the worst case, she will have to redo grade 8, but we remain positive that it will all work out well after all. Patience is a virtue.
For the nutrition unit January is generally a quiet month, people save for their children’s school fees and are busy shopping for the new school season. Then there is little money and time left for sick children. At the moment we have 4 little patients lying around and luckily they are all on the better side and can go home soon.
At Bivamuntuyo it is mango and orange month! We had to wait for a long time, about 4 years before the fruit trees turned out to be really productive. Delicious mango’s and juicy, sweet oranges are well taken this month and we see that again as a positive development for the farm.
As always one of my intentions is to put a story on my website every month…Before January I succeeded, I can already tick it off;)
I wish everyone a healthy and happy beginning of this new year and we are going to make something beautiful again!

Love Kim